JUNE 1995


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AA To PP3 Battery

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& Computer Projects



A4 DTP MONITORS Brand new, 300 DPI. Complete with diagram but no interface details.(so you will have to work it out!) Bargain at just £12.99 each!!!! OPD MONITORS mono monitor, fully cased complete with raster board, switched mode psu etc. CGA/TTL input (15way D), IEC mains. £15.99 ref DEC23. Price including kit to convert to composite monitor for CCTV use etc is £21.99 ref DEC24

PC CONTROLLED 4 CHANNEL TIMER Control (on/off times etc) up to 4 items (8A 240v each) with this kit. Complete with Software, relays, PCB etc. £25.99 Ref 95/26

COMPLETE PC 300 WATT UPS SYSTEM Top of the range UPS system providing protection for your computer system and valuable software against mains power fluctuations and cuts. New and boxed, UK made Provides up to 5 mins running time in the event of complete power failure to allow you to run your system down correctly. SALE PRICE just £119.00.

RACAL MODEM BONANZA! 1 Racal MPS1223 1200/75 modem, telephone lead, mainslead, manual and comms software, the cheapest way onto the net! all this for just £13 ref DEC13.

HOW LOW ARE YOUR FLOPPIES? 3.5" (1.44) unbranded. We have sold 100,000+ so ok! Pack of 50 £24.99 ref DEC 16 BRITISH TELECOMM MULTIMETERS SA9083 These are ‘returns’ so they may have faults but look ok. Complete with new leads and leather case. Price for two meters & 1 case is £10 ref DEC89. Smw LASER POINTER. Supplied in kit form, complete with power adjuster, 1-Smw, and beam divergence adjuster. Runson2 AAA batteries. Produces thin red beam ideal forlevels, gun sights, expen- ments etc. Cheapest in the UK! just £39.95 ref DEC49

SHOP WOBBLERS!Small assemblies designed to take D size batteries and ‘wobble’ cardboard model signs aboutin shop windows! £3.99 Ref SEP4P2.

RADIO PAGERSBrand new, UK made pocket pagers dearance price is just £4.99 each 100x40x 15mm packed with bits! Ref SEP5. BULL TENS UNTT Fully built and tested TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit, complete with electrodes and full instructions. TENS is used for the relief of pain etc in up to 70% of sufferers. Drug free pain relief, safe and easy to use, can be used in conjunction with analgesics etc. £49 Ref TEN/1

COMPUTER RS232 TERMINALS. (LIBERTY)Excelient quality modem units, (like wyse 50,s) 2xRS232, 20 function keys, 50 thro to 38,400 baud, menu driven port, screen, cursor, and keyboard setup menus (18 menu's). £29 REF NOV4.

OMRON TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS (E6C2).Brand new controllers, adjustable from -50 deg C to +1,200 deg C using graduated dial, 2% accuracy, thermocouple input, longlife relay output ,3A 240v o/p contacts. Perfect for exactly controlling a temperature, Nomai trade £50+, ours £15. Ref E5C2.

ELECTRIC MOTOR BONANZA! 110x60mm.Brand new precision, cap start (or spin to start), virtually silent and features a moving outer case that acts as a fly wheel. Because of their unusual design we think that 2 of these in a tube with some homemade fan blades could form the basis for a wind tunnel etc. Clearance priceisjust £4.99 FORAPAIR! (note-these will have to be wired in senesfor 240v operation Ref NOV1.

MOTOR NO 2 BARGAIN 110x90mm.Similar to the above motor but more suitable for mounting vertically (ie tumtable etc). Again you will have to wire 2in series for 240v use. Bargain priceisjust£4 99 FOR A PAIR!! Ref NOVS.

OMRON ELECTRONKE INTERVAL TIMERS. Minature adjustable timers, 4 pole c/o output 3A 240v, HY1230S, 12vDC adjustable from 0-30 secs. £9.99 HY1210M, 12vDC adjustable from 0-10 mins. £9.99 HY1260M, 12vDC adjustable from 0-60 mins. £9.99 4 HY2460M, 24vAC adjustable from 0-60 mins. £5.99 HY241S, 24vAC adjustable from O-1 secs. £5.99 HY2460S, 24vAC adjustable from 0-60 secs, £5.99 HY243H, 24vAC adjustable from O-3 hours. £8.99 HY2401S, 240v adjustable from 0-1 secs. £9.99 HY2405S, 240v adjustable from 0-5 secs. £9.99 HY24060m, 240v adjustable from 0-60 mins. £12.99 PC PAL VGA TO TV CONVERTER Converts a colour TV into a basic VGA screen. Complete with built in psu, lead and s/ware. £49.95. Ideal forlaptops or acheap upgrade. We also can supply this in kit form for home assembly at £34.95 ref EF 54.

DRINKING BIRD Remember these? hook onto wine glass (sup- plied) and they drink, standup,drink, standup ETC! £4 each Ref EF 1 EMERGENCY LIGHTING UNIT Complete unit with 2 double

bulb floodlights, built in charger and auto switch. Fully cased. 6v 8AH lead acid req'd. (secondhand) £4 ref MAG4P 11.

GUIDED MISSILE WIRE. 4,200 metre reel of ultra thin 4 core insulated cable, 28lbs breaking strain, less than 1mm thick! Ideal alarms, intercoms, fishing, dolls house's etc. £14.99 ref MAG15P5 300v PANEL METER 70X60X50MMM, AC, 90 degree scale. Good quality meter. £5.99 ref MAG 6P 14. Ideal for monitoring mains etc. ASTEC SWITCHED MODE PSU BM41012 Gives +5 @ 3.75A, +12@1.5A, -12@.4A. 230/110, cased, BM41012. £5.99 ref AUG6P3. TORRODIAL TX 30-0-30 480VA, Perfect for Mosfet amplifiers etc. 120mm dia 55mm thick. £18.99 ref APR19.

AUTO SUNCHARGER 155x300mm solar panel with diode and 3metrelead fitted with a cigar plug. 12v 2watt.£9.99 ea ref AUG10P3. FLOPPY DISCS DSDD Top quality 5.25" discs, these have been written to once and are unused. Pack of 20 is £4 ref AUG4P1. ECLATRON FLASH TUBE Asused in police car flashing lights etc, full spec supplied, 60-100 flashes a min. £9.99 ref APR10P5. 24v AC S6WATT Cased power supply. New. £13.99 ref APR14. MILITARY SPEC GEIGER COUNTERS Unused anstraightfrom Her majesty's forces. £50 ref MAG SOP3. STETHOSCOPE Fully functioning stethoscope, ideal for listening to hearts, pipes, motors etc. £6 ref MAR6P6.

OUTDOOR SOLAR PATH LIGHT Captures sunlight during

the day and automatically switches on a built inlamp at dusk. Complete with sealed lead acid battery etc £19.99 ref MAR20P1.

ALARM VERSION Of above unit comes with built in alarm and pir to deter intruders. Good value at just £24.99 ref MAR25P4. CARETAKER VOLUMETREK Alam, will cover the whole of the ground floor against forcred entry. Includes mains power supply and integral battery backup. Powerful internal sounder, will take external bell if req'd. Retail £150+, ours? £49.99 ref MARSOP 1.

TELEPHONE CABLE White 6 core 100m ree! complete with a pack of 100 ciips. Ideal ‘phone extns etc. £7.99 ref MAR8P3. MICRODRIVE STRIPPER Small cased tape drives ideal for stripping, lots of useful goodies including a smart case, and lots of components. £2 each ref JUN2P3.

SOLAR POWER LAB SPECIAL You get TWO 6"x& 6v 130mA solar cells, 4 LED's, wire, buzzer, switch plus 1 relay or motor. Superb value kit just €5.99 REF: MAG6P8

SOLID STATE RELAYS Will switch 25A mains. Input 3.5-26v DC 57x43x2 1mm with terminal screws £3.99 REF MAG4P 10 BUGGING TAPE RECORDER Small voice activated recorder, uses microcassette complete with headphones. £28.99 ref MAR29P 1. ULTRAMINI BUG ME 6mmx3.5mm made by AKG, .5-12velectret condenser. Cost £12 ea, Ours? just four for £9.99 REF MAG10P2. RGB/CGA/EGA/TTL COLOUR MONITORS 12" in good condition. Back anodised metal case. £79 each REF JUN79 ANSWER PHONES Retums with 2 faults, we give you the bits for 1 fault, you have to find the other yourself. BT Response 200's £18 ea REF MAG18P1. PSU £5 ref MAGS5P 12.

SWITCHED MODE PSU ex equip, 60w +5v @5A, -5v@.5A, +12V@2A,-12V@.5A 120/220v cased 245x88x55mm |ECinput socket £6.99 REF MAG7P1

PLUG IN PSU 9V 200mA DC £2.99 each REF MAG3P9 PLUG IN ACORN PSU 19v AC 14w , £2.99 REF MAG3P 10 POWER SUPPLY fully cased with mains and o/p leads 17v DC 900mA output. Bargain price £5.99 ref MAG6P9

ACORN ARCHIMEDES PSU +5v @ 4.4A. on/off sw uncased, selectable mains input, 145x100x45mm £7 REF MAG7P2 GEIGER COUNTER KIT Low cost professional twin tube, com- plete with PCB and components. Now only £19 REF AUG19.

Sv DC POWER SUPPLY Standard plugin type 150ma 9v DC with lead and DC power plug. price for two is £2.99 ref AUG3P4.

AA NICAD PACK encapsulated pack of 8 AA nicad batteries (tagged) ex equip, 55x32x32mm. £3 a pack. REF MAG3P 11

13.8V 1.9A psu cased with leads. Just £9.99 REF MAG10P3 PPCMODEM CARDS. These are high spec plugin cards made for the Amstrad laptop computers. 2400 baud dial up unit complete with leads. Clearance price is £5 REF: MAG5P1

INFRA RED REMOTE CONTROLLERS Ojiginally made for hi spec satellite equipment but perfect for all sorts of remote control projects. Our clearance price is just £2 REF: MAG2

200 WATT INVERTER Converts 10-15v DC into either 110v or 240v AC. Fully cased 115x36x156mm, complete with heavy duty power lead, cigar plug, AC outlet socket.Auto overoad shutdown, auto short circuit shut down, auto input over voltage shutdown, auto input under voltage shut down (with audible alarm), auto temp control, unit shuts down if overheated and sounds audible alarm. Fused reversed polarity protected. output frequency within 2%, voltage within 10%. Aextremely well built unit at an excellent price. Just £64.99 ref AUG65. UNIVERSAL SPEED CONTROLLER KIT Designed by us for the C5 motor but ok for any 12v motor up to 30A. Complete with PCB etc. A heat sink may be required. £17.00 REF: MAG17 MAINSCABLEPrecut black 2 core 2metre lengths ideal for repairs, projects etc. 50 metres for £1.99 ref AUG2P7.

COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS PACK Kit contains 100m of 6 core cable, 100 cable dips, 2 line divers with RS232 interfaces and all connectors etc. Ideal low cost method of communicating be- tween PC's over along distance. Complete kit £8.99.

MINI CYCLOPS PIR 52x62x40mm runs on PP3 battery complete with shrill sounder. Cheap protection at only £5.99 ref MAR6P4. ELECTRIC MOTOR KIT Comprehensive educational kitincludes all you need to build an electric motor. £9.99 ref MAR10P4. VIEWDATA SYSTEMS made by Phillips, complete with internal 1200/75 modem, keyboard, psu etc RGB and composite outputs, menu driven, autodialler etc. £18 each Ref EF88.

BOOMERANG High tech, patented poly propylene, 34cm wing span. Get out and get some exercise for £4.99 ref EF83

AIR RIFLES .22As used by the Chinese army for training puposes, so there is a lot about! £39.95 Ref EF78. 500 pellets £4.50 ref EF80. PEANUT TREE Complete kit to grow your own peanuts! full instructions supplied. £3 Ref EF45.

PLUG IN POWER SUPPLYS Plugs in to 13A socket with output lead. three types available, 9vdc 150mA £2 ref EF58, 9vdc 200mA £2.50 ref EF59, 6. S5vdc 500mA £3 ref EF61.

VIDEO SENDER UNIT. Transmits both audio and video signals from either a video camera, video recorder, TV or Computer etcto any standard TV set in a 100' range! (tune TV toa spare channel) 12v DC op. Priceis £15 REF: MAG15 12v psu is £5 extra REF: MAG5P2 “FM CORDLESS MICROPHONE Smaii hand held unit with a 500' range! 2 transmit powerlevels. Reqs PP3 Sv battery. Tuneabie to any FM receiver. Piceis£15 REF: MAG15P1

LOW COST WALKIE TALKIES Pair of battery operated units with a range of about 200’. Ideal for garden useor as an educational toy. Price is£8 a pair REF: MAG 8P1 2.x PP3 req'd.

*MINATURE RADW TRANSCEIVERS A pair of walkie talkies



FAX: 01273 323077

with a range of up to 2km in open country. Units measure 22x52x 155mm. Induding cases and earp'ces. 2xPP3 req'd. £30.00 pr.REF: MAG30 COMPOSITE VIDEO KIT. Converts composite video into sepa rate H sync, V sync, and video. 12v DC. £8.00 REF: MAG8P2. LQ3600 PRINTER ASSEMBLIES Made by Amstrad they are entire mechanical printer assemblies including printhead, stepper mo- tors etc etc In fact everything bar the case and electronics, a good Stripper £5 REF: MAGSP3 cr 2 for£8 REF: MAG8P3

LED PACK of 100 standard red 5m leds £5 REF MAG5P4 UNIVERSAL PC POWER SUPPLY complete with flyleads, switch, fan etc. Two types available 150w at £15 REF:MAG15P2 (23x23x23mm) and 200w at £20 REF: MAG20P3 (23x23x23mm) GYROSCOPE About high and an excellent educational toy for all ages! Price with instruction booklet £6 Ref EF 15.

FUTURE PC POWER SUPPLIES These are 295x135x60mm, 4 drive connectors 1 mother board connector. 150watt, 12v fan, iec inlet and on/off switch. £12 Ref EF6.

VENUS FLY TRAP KIT Grow your own carnivorous plant with this simple kit £3 ref EF 34.

PC POWER SUPPLIES (returns) These are 140x150x90mm. o/ ps are +12,-12,+5 and -5v. Builtin 12v fan. These are retums so they may well need repairing! £3.50 each ref EF 42.

“FM TRANSMITTER KIT housed in a standard working 13A adapter!! the bug runs directly off the mains so lasts forever! why pay £700? or priceis£15 REF: EF62 Transmits to any FM radio. (this isin kit form with full instructions.)

*FM BUG KIT New design with PCB embedded coil for extra stability. Works to any FM radio. 9v battery req'd. £5 REF: MAGS5P5

*FM BUG BUILT AND TESTED superior design to kit. Supplied to detective agencies. 9v battery req'd. £14 REF: MAG14 TALKING COIN BOX STRIPPER orginally made to retail at£79 each, these units are designed to convert an ordinary phone into a payphone. Theunits have the locks missing and sometimes broken hinges. However they can be adapted for their original use or used for something else?? Price is just £3 REF: MAG3P1

TOP QUALITY SPEAKERS Made for Hi Fi televisions these are 10 watt 4R Jap made round with large shielded magnets. Good quality. £2 each REF: MAG2P4 or 4 for £6 REF: MAG6P2 TWEETERS 2" diameter good quality tweeter 140R (ok with the above speaker) 2 for £2 REF: MAG2P5 or 4 for€3 REF: MAG3P4 AT KEYBOARDS Made by Apricot these quality keyboards need justa small modtorunon any AT, they work perfectly but you will have to put up with 1 or 2 foreign keycaps! Price £6 REF: MAG6P3 HEADPHONES Ex Virgin Atlantic. 8pairsfor€2 REF: MAG2P8 DOS PACKS Microsoft version 3.3 or higher complete with all manuals or price just £5 REF: MAG5P8 Worth it just for the very comprehensive manual! §.25° only.

GAS HOBS Brand new made by Optimus, basic three bumer suitable for small flat etc bargain price just £29.95 ref EF73.

GAT AIR PISTOL PACK Complete with pistol, darts and peliets £12.95 Ref EF82 extra pellets (500) £4.50 ref EF80. CHRISTMAS TREE KIT Start growing it now! £3 ref EF53. DOS PACK Microsoft version 5 Original software but no manuals hence only £5.99. 3.5* only.

PIR DETECTOR Made by famous UK alarm manufacturer these are hi spec, long range internal units. 12v operation. Slight marks on | case and unboxed (although brand new) £8 REF: MAG8P5 MOBILE CAR PHONEE6.99 Weil almost! complete in carphone excluding the box of electronics normally hidden under seat. Can be made toilluminate with 12v also has built in light sensor so display only illuminates when dark. Totally convincing! REF: MAG6P6

ALARM BEACONS Zenon strobe made to mount on an extemal bell box but could be used for caravans etc. 12v operation. Just connect § up and it flashes reguiany) £5 REF: MAG5P 11

6"°X12" AMORPHOUS SOLAR PANEL 12v 155x310mm 130mA. Bargain price just £5.99 ea REF MAG6P 12.

FIBRE OPTIC CABLE BUMPER PACK 10 metres for £4.99 ref MAG5P 13 ideal for experimenters! 30 m for £12.99 ref MAG13P1 § HEATSINKS (finned) T0220, designed tomount vertically on apeb | 50x40x25mm you can have a pack of 4 for £1 ref JUN1P11. STROBE LIGHT KIT Adjustable from 1 hz right up to 60hz! (electronic asssembly kit with full instructions) £16 ref EF28.

ROCK LIGHTS Unusual things these, two pieces of rock that glow f when rubbed together belived to cause raini€3 a pair Ref EF29.


15mW, Helium neon, 3 switchable wavelengths 63um, 1.15um,3.39um (2 ofthem are infrared) 500: 1 polarizer built in so good for holography. Supplied complete with mains power supply. 790x65mm. Use with EXTREME CAUTION AND QUALIFIED GUIDANCE. £349+Vat.





4 Hand held personal Gamma and X Ray detector.

his unit contains two Geiger Tubes, has a 4 digit LCD display with a Piezo speaker, giving an audio visual ndication. The unit detects high energy electromag- netic quanta with an energy from 30K eV to over 1.2M eV and a measuring range of 5-9999 UR/h or 10-99990

INr/h. Supplied complete with handbook.Ref. NOV 18.




The No. 1 Independent Magazine for Electronics, Technology and Computer Projects

VOL. 24 No.6 JUNE 1995


EPE HiFi VALVE AMPLIFIER -1 by Jake Rothman 434 A brand new hybrid design that retains that unique ‘‘valve sound”

NAME OF THE GAME —4 Star-Struck! ¢ Six-Shot Zapper

¢ Wander Wands by Roy Bebbington 446 Easy-build modules to enhance your quiz and party games PIC-DATS-2 4-Channel Light Chaser by Mark Stuart 465 Take your PIC and create your very own light show. Demonstration project to show how easy it is to program your PICs AA TO PP3 CONVERTER by Robert Penfold 476 Step up the power of your AA's with this low-cost d.c. to d.c. converter R.F. SIGNAL GENERATOR - 2 by Steve Knight 487

Final construction of this high performance piece of test gear


CIRCUIT SURGERY by Alan Winstanley 472 Voxbox upgrade, diodes and current flow | ELECTRONICS FROM THE GROUND UP-9 480 by Mike Tooley B.A.

Concluding article Further reading extends the range of Electronics Workbench INTERFACE by Robert Penfold 4f4 The page for computer enthusiasts Model train control

AMATEUR RADIO by Tony Smith G4FAI 500

Hobby or Politics; No DXCC Status; Young Amateur of the Year; Story of the Key


EDITORIAL 433 INNOVATIONS 442 Everyday news from the world of electronics | NEW TECHNOLOGY UPDATE by lan Poole Aaa The latest developments in memory storage OHM SWEET OHM by Max Fidling 453 Max investigates strange ‘goings on” in the attic SMART CARDS by Barry Fox | | 454 What they are, how they work, are they secure? BACK ISSUES Did you miss these? 460 SHOPTALK with David Barrington | 478 Component buying for EPE projects ELECTRONICS VIDEOS | 492 “yy Our range of educational videos | DIRECT BOOK SERVICE 495 A wide range of technical books available by mail order PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD SERVICE 499 PCBs for EPE projects ADVERTISERS INDEX 504 Wimbo Publishing Ltd 1995. Copyright in all a and articles published in F R E E

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or in part are expressly forbidden. Banded to UK copies SRS PSS SSS SSS SC oS SSS SSS Ss ST SS SS ch Our July ’95 Issue will be published on Friday, Readers Service @ Editorial and Advertisement Departments 433 2 June 1995. See page 423 for details. Cover photo: Alfred Pasieka/Science Photo Library

Everyday with Practical Electronics, June 1995 | 421


AT 286

40Mb HD + 3Mb Ram

LIMITED QUANTITY only of these 12Mhz HI GRADE 286 pee Made in the USA to an industrial specification, the system was designed for total reliability. The compact case houses the mother- board, PSU and EGA video card with single 5%" 1.2 Mb floppy disk drive & integral 40Mb hard disk drive to the front. Real time clock with battery backup is provided as standard. Supplied in good used condition complete with enhanced keyboard, 640k + 2Mb RAM, DOS 4.01 and 90 DAY Full ONLY 14 to Run !

Order as HIGRADE 286 QAVZ $9.0 E) CALL ¥_ = I O90

Optional Fitted extras: VGA graphics card

1.4Mb 3%" floppy disk drive (instead of 1.2 Mb) NE2000 Ethernet (thick, thin or twisted) network card


5%" from £22.95 - 3%" from £24.95

Massive purchases of standard 5%" and 3%" drives enables us to

present prime product at industry beating low prices! All units (unless stated) are BRAND NEW or removed from often brand new equip- ment and are fully tested, aligned and shipped to you with a 90 day guarantee and operate from standard voltages and are of standard size. All are IBM-PC compatible (if 3%" supported on your PC).

3%" Panasonic JU363/4 720K or equivalent £24.95(B) 3%" Mitsubishi MF355C-L. 1.4 Meg. Laptops only * £36.95(B) 3%" Mitsubishi MF355C-D. 1.4 Meg. Non laptop £29.95(B) 5%" Teac FD-55GFR 1.2 Meg £29.95 By 5%" BRAND NEW Mitsubishi MF501B 360K £22.95(B * Data cable included in price.

Shugart 800/801 8" SS refurbished & tested £195.00(E) Shugart 851 8" double sided refurbished & tested £250.00(E Mitsubishi M2894-63 8" double sided NEW £275.00(E Mitsubishi M2896-63-02U 8" DS slimline NEW £285.00(E

Dual 8" drives with 2 mbyte capacity housed in a smart case with built in power supply. Ideal as exterior drives! £499.00(F)


End of line purchase scoop! Brand new NEC D2246 8" 85 Mbyte of hard disk storage! Full industry standard SMD interface. Ultra hi speed data transfer and access time, replaces Fujitsu equivalent model. complete with manual. Only £299.00(E)

3%" FUJI FK-309-26 20mb MFM I/F RFE £59.95(C

3%" CONNER CP3024 20 mb IDE I/F (or equiv )JRFE £69.95(C 3%" CONNER CP3044 40mb IDE I/F (or equiv.)RFE £89.00(C 3%" RODIME RO3057S 45mb SCSI I/F (Mac & Acorn) £99.00(C 5%" MINISCRIBE 3425 20mb MFM I/F (or equiv.) RFE £49.95(C 5%" SEAGATE ST-238R 30 mb RLL I/F Refurb £69.95 6} 5%" CDC 94205-51 40mb HH MFM I/F RFE tested £69.95(C 8" FUJITSU M2322K 160Mb SMD I/F RFE tested £195.00(E)

Hard disc controllers for MFM , IDE, SCSI, RLL etc. from £16.95


Converts your colour monitor into a QUALITY COLOUR TV!!



The TELEBOX consists of an attractive fully cased mains powered unit, containing all electronics ready to plug into a host of video moni- tors made by makers such as MICROVITEC, ATARI, SANYO, SONY, COMMODORE, PHILIPS, TATUNG, AMSTRAD etc. The composite video output will also plug directly into most video recorders, allowing reception of TV channels not normally receivable on most television receivers* (TELEBOX MB). Push button controls on the front panel allow reception of 8 fully tuneable ‘off air' UHF colour television channels. TELEBOX MB covers virtually all televi- sion frequencies VHF and UHF including the HYPERBAND as used by most cable TV operators. A composite video output is located on the rear panel for direct connection to most makes of monitor or desktop video s pt For complete compatibility - even for monitors without sound - an integral 4 watt audio amplifier and low level Hi Fi audio output are provided as standard.

TELEBOX ST for composite video input type monitors TELEBOX STL as ST but with inte efi speaker TELEBOX MB Multiband VHF-UHF-Cable- Hyperband tuner £69.95 For overseas PAL versions state 5.5 or 6mhz sound specification. *For cable / hyperband reception Telebox MB should be connected to cable type service. Shipping code on all Teleboxes is (B


MITSUBISHI MMF-D6D12DL 60x 25mm 12vDC £4.95 10/£42 MITSUBISHI MMF-09B12DH 92 x 25mm 12vDC = £5.95 10 / £53 PANCAKE 12-3.5 92 x 18 mm 12v DC £7.95 10 / £69

EX-EQUIP 120 x 38mm AC fans - tested specify 110 or 240 v £6.95 EX-EQUIP 80 x 38mm AC fans - tested specify 110 or 240 v_ £5.95 VERO rack mount 1U x 19" fan tra ay specify 110 or 240v £45.95 (8) IMHOF B26 1900 rack mnt 3U x 19° Blower 110/240v NEW £79.95 Shipping on all fans (A). Blowers (B). 50,000 Fans Ex Stock CALL



5,000,000 items EX STOCK


issue 13 Of Display

LECT RGNICS - Se 8 [eur


News now available - send lar

e e e

e e@ee e e i

a eee e @ e ® Open Mon - Sat 9: : Open Mon-Fri 9.00-5:30

© @t ee” SG os 215 Whitehorse Lane Dept EE. 32 Biggin Way

Seco 8 ° Secce es 8 {On 68A Bus Route Upper Norwood Selhurst Park SR Rail Stations LONDON SE19 3XF

and Local Authorities - minimum eramumyeo] Grae Ons 550, (C)-EB50, ana (E}-£15 00, (asad (CALL Allow approx unless stated guaranteed for 90 days. All notice. sate es nf Pech rg mel an Top CASH prices






ONLY £99.00

A massive bulk purchase enables us to bring you a COMPLETE poacy to run colour PC system at an unheard of price! The Display Electronics PC99 youn comprises of fully com- patible and expandab le XT PC with 256k of RAM, 5%" 360k flop- py disk drive, 12" CGA colour monitor, standard 84 key key-

oard, MS DOS and all connecting cables - just plug in and go I! Ideal students, schools or anybody wishing to learn the world of PC's on an ultra low budget. Don't miss this opportunity.

Fully guaranteed for 90 i es PCSOCOL £99.00 (E)

Optional Fitted extras: 640k RAM 2nd floppy drive, specify 5%" 360k or 3%" 720k Above prices for PC99 offer ONLY.


One of the highest specification ate monitors you will ever see -

At this price - Don’t miss it!!

Mitsubishi di sede 14” SVGA Multisync monitor with fine 0.28 dot pitch tube and guaranteed resolution of 1024 x 768. A . variety of inputs allows connection to a host of : computers fen Be PC's in CGA, EGA, VGA & : SVGA modes C, COMMODORE (including Amiga 1200), ARCHIMEDES and APPLE. Man features: Etched faceplate, text switching and LO Suni ire HEN ME ee Full 90 day warranty. u in ittle u ition

P Orderasmirs-svGa Only £1396 Tilt & Swivel Base £8.00 Leads for IBM PC £8.95 (A) External Cables for other com £ CALL

PHILIPS HCS35 (same s ae as CM8833) attractively styled 14” colour monitor with both RGB and standard composite 15.625 Khz video inputs via SCART socket and separate phono jacks. Integral audio power amp and speaker for all audio visual uses. Will connect direct to Amiga and Atari BBC computers. Ideal for all monitoring / security applications with direct connection to most colour cameras. High Sage with many features such as front concealed flap controls, VCR correction button etc. Good used

condition - fully tested with a 90 day guarantee 14" x H1236° x 1544" B. Only £99

Dimensions: Special Offer save £16.95 - Order TELEBOX ST & HCS35 together - giving you a quality colour TV & AV

system for Only £122.50 (E) KME 10" pel definition colour monitors. Nice tight 0.28" dot pitch

for superb clarity and modern styling. Operates from ; any 15.625 khz sync RGB video source, with RGB: analog and composite sync such as Atari Commodore Amiga, Acorn Archimedes & BBC. 3 Measures only 13%" x 12" x 11". Only £125 (E) Good used condition. 90 day guarantee.

KME 10" as above for PC EGA standard £145.00 (E)

PHILIPS HCS31 Ultra compact 9” colour video monitor with stan- dard composite 15.625 Khz video input via SCART socket. Ideal for all monitoring / security applications. High quality, ex-equipment fully tested with a 90 day guarantee (possible minor screen burns). In attractive square black plastic case Dh amg, W10" x H10" x 13%" D. Mains powered Limited Quantity - Only £79.00 (D)

20" 22" and 26" AV SPECIALS

Superbly made UK manufacture. PIL all solid state colour monitors, complete with composite video & optional sound inputs. Attractive teak style case. Perfect for Schools, Shops, Disco, Clubs, etc.In EXCELLENT little used condition with full 90 day guarantee.

20"....£135 22"....£155 26"....£185 (F)


Mlaed Mas d every type of power ply you can imagine.Over 000 Power Supplies Ex Stock

Call for info / list.


Zeta 3220-05 AO 4 pen HPGL RS232 fast drum plotter


£1950 3M VDA - Video Distribution Amps.1 in 32 out £375

Trio 0-18 vdc bench PSU. 30 amps. New £470 Fujitsu M3041 600 LPM band oe £1950 VG Electronics 1035 TELETEXT Decoding Margin Meter £3750 Andrews LARGE 3.1 m Satellite Dish + mount (For Voyager!) £950 RED TOP IR Heat seeking missile (not armed !!) POA KNS EMC / Line interference tester NEW

Thuriby LA 160B logic analyser

INTEL SBC 486/133SE Multibus 486 system. 8Mb Ram

GEC 1.5kw 115v 60hz power source £950 Brush 2Kw 400 Hz 3 phase frequency converter £850 Anton Pillar 75 kW 400 Hz 3 a frequency converter POA

Newton Derby 70 KW 400 Hz 3 phase frequency converter COMPONEDEX T1000 Portable TELEX tester NEW £250 Sekonic SD 150H 18 channel digital Hybrid chart recorder £1995 HP 7580A A1 8 pen HPGL high speed drum plotter £1850 Computar MCA1613APC 16mm auto iris lenses 'C' mount £125 Seaward PAT 2000 dual ke computerised PAT tester £585 Densel MUD 0185AH 1KVa UPS system with batts NEW £575

m account order £50.

V21,V22, V22 BIS 0181 679 1888

i usin for fis Mainland. UK eat add 17.5% VAT yA TOTAL order amount. Minimum order £10. Bona Fide account orders accept

Surplus always wanted for cash! 19" RACK CABINETS

Superb quality 6 foot 40U Virtually New, Ultra Smart

Less than Half Price!

Top qualit y 19" rack cabinets made in UK by Optima Enclosures Ltd. Units feature designer, smoked acrylic lockable front door, full height lockable half louvered back door and removable side panels. Fully adjustable internal fixing struts, ready punched for any configuration of equipment mounting plus ready mounted integral 12 way 13 amp socket switched mains distribution strip make these racks some of the most versatile we have ever sold. Racks may be stacked side by side and therefore require only two side panels to stand singly or in bays Overall dimensions are: 77%" H x 32%" D x 22" W. Order as:

OPT Rack 1 Complete with removable side panels. £335.00 (G)

OPT Rack 2 Rack, Less side panels £225.00 (G)

32U - High Quality - All steel cabinet

Made by Eurocraft Enclosures Ltd to the highest possible spec, rack features all steel construction with removable side, front and back doors. Front and back doors are <>. hinged for easy access and all are lockable with five secure 5 lever barrel locks. The front door Ess is constructed of double walled steel with a ES ‘designer style’ smoked acrylic front panel to enable status indicators to be seen through the panel, yet remain unobtrusive. Internally the rack features full slotted reinforced vertical fixing mem- bers to take the heaviest of 19” rack equip- ment. The two movable vertical fixing struts (extras available) are pre punched for standard ‘cage nuts’. A mains distribution panel internal- ly mounted to the bottom rear, provides 8 IEC 3 pin Euro sockets and 1 x 13 amp 3 pin switched <a utility socket. Overall ventilation is provided by ~ fully louvered back door and double skinned top section with top and side louvres. The top panel may be removed for fitting of integral fans to the sub plate etc. Other features include: fitted castors and floor levelers, prepunched utility panel at lower rear for cable / connector access etc. Supplied in excellent, slightly used condition with keys. Colour Royal blue. External dimensions 64” H x 25” D x 23%” W.

Sold at LESS than a third of makers price !! A superb buy at only £195.00 (a)

Over 1000 racks in all sizes 19" 22" & 24" 3 to 44 U. Available from stock !!

OF TIM Wi dam celelamacrelelic-tiatsia)


The ultimate in ‘Touch Screen Technology’ made by the experts - MicroTouch - but sold at a price below cost !! System consists of a flat translucent glass laminated panel measuring 29.5 x 23.5 cm connected to a PCB with on board sophisticated electronics. From the board comes a standard serial RS232 or TTL output. The out- put continuously gives simple serial data containing positional X & Y co-ordinates as to where a finger is touching the panel - as the fin- ger moves, the data instantly changes. The X & Y information is given at an incredible matrix resolution of 1024 x 1024 positions over the screen size !!! So, no position, however small fails detec- tion. A host of available translation software enables direct con- nection to a PC for a myriad of applications including: control pan- els, pointing devices, POS systems, controllers for the disabled or computer un-trained etc etc Imagine using your finger in ‘Windows’ instead of a mouse !! (a driver is indeed available !) The applica- tions for this amazing product are only limited by your imagina- tion!! Supplied as a complete system including Controller, Power

Supply and Data at an incredible price of only: RFE. Full Software Support Available - Fully Gunna 145.00 (B)


INTEL 'ABOVE' Memory Expansion Board. Full length PC-XT and PC-AT compatible card with 2 Mbytes of memory on board. Card is fully selectable for Expanded or Extended (286 processor and above) memory. Full data and driver disk supplied. In good used condition fully tested and guaranteed. Windows compatible. Order as: ABOVE CARD £59.95,a1) Half length 8 bit memory upgrade cards for PC AT XT expands memory either 256k or 512k in 64k steps. ae ng be used to fill in RAM above 640k DOS limit. Complete with d

Order as: XT RAM UG. 256k. £32.95 or 51 ok £38.95 (A1)

SIMM 1 MB x9 SIMM 9 chip 120ns onl

Wy £19.50 (A1 1MBx9 SIMM3chip80ns £23.50 70ns £26.00 (A1 1MBx9 SIMMQchip80ns £22.50 70ns £28.00 (A1) 4 MB 70ns 72 pin SIMM module only £125.00 (A1) SPECIAL INTEL 486-DX33 CPU £79.99 (A1)


EMERSON ACCUCARD UPS, brand new 8 Bit half length PC compatible card for all IBM XT/AT compatibles. Card provides DC power to all internal system components in the event of power sup- ply failure. The Accusaver software provided uses only 6k of base RAM and automatically copies all system, expanded and video memory to the hard disk in the event of loss of power. When power is returned the machine is returned to the exact status when the power failed !! The unit features full self diagnostics on boot and is supplied brand new, with full, ea instructions and manual.

fittin Normally £189.00 now! r€69 ‘00 or 2 for £120 «

e SGE - PACKED with bargains!

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Everyday with Practical Electronics, June 1995


A reasonably accurate, inexpensive and easy to build anemometer. This unit employs an electric motor to dispense with complicated bearings, shafts and transducers. It will_ indicate windspeed

from 10 to 75 m.p.h. onanl.e.d. bargraph | or moving dot readout. *



Automatically opens and closes curtains at preset light levels. Can be used with almost any corded system. An infra-red remote control transmitter and receiver will also be described and the unit could be interfaced to a computer control system if so desired.


| A professional quality ramp generator aimed at the intermediate to advanced constructor. This high quality design has a multitude of uses including: oscilloscope calibrator, plotter timebase, curve tracer, frequency response analyser and spectrum

analyser. * Plus all the regular * Don’t miss out place features. an order with your : newsagent or take out a | subscription NOW!




Everyday with Practical Electronics, June 1995



No. 1 for Kits

Whether your requirement for surveillance equipment is amateur, professional or you are just fascinated by this unique area of electronics SUMA DESIGNS has a kit to fit the bill. We have been designing electronic surveillance equipment for over 12 years and you can be sure that all our kits are very well tried, tested and proven and come complete with full instructions, circuit diagrams, assembly details and all high quality components including fibreglass PCB. Unless otherwise stated all transmitters are tuneable and can be received on an ordinary VHF FM radio.

Genuine SUMA kits available only direct from Suma Designs. Beware inferior imitations!

UTX Ultra-miniature Room Transmitter Smallest room transmitter kit in the world! Incredible 10mm x 20mm including: MIC. 3-12V Operation. 500M range............cccccsccessccsseesssecsssecssscsseecssersescsesens £16.45

MTX Micro-miniature Room Transmitter Best-selling micro-miniature Room Transmitter Just 17mm x 17mm including mic. 3-12V operation. 1000m range..................... £13.45

STX High-performance Room Transmitter Hi performance transmitter with a buffered output stage for greater stability and range.

Measures 22mm x 22mm including mic. 6-12V operation, 1500m range............. £15.45 VT500 High-power Room Transmitter

Powerful 250mW output providing excellent range and performance. Size 20mm x 40mm. 9-12V operation. 3000M range.............cccccccsscssscssesssssssescsesssssesssseseesens £16.45 VXT Voice Activated Transmitter

Triggers only when sounds are detected. Very low standby current. Variable sensitivity and delay with LED indicator. Size 20mm x 67mm. 9V operation. 1000m range...£19.45

HVX400 Mains Powered Room Transmitter

Connects directly to 240V AC supply for long-term monitoring. Size 30mm x 35mm. STE FIM sccssadsscovuncectsyessoacnsg tind) Sood beasanbtevesiipsoss eohetis colach estdtdbidenbdesvvein cokeaghoaaeas £19.45 SCRX Subcarrier Scrambled Room Transmitter

Scrambled output from this transmitter cannot be monitored without the SCDM decoder connected to the receiver. Size 20mm x 67mm. 9V operation. 1000m range............. £22.95

SCLX Subcarrier Telephone Transmitter

Connects to telephone line anywhere, requires no batteries. Output scrambled so requires. SCDM connected to receiver. Size 32mm x 37mm. 1000m range........... £23.95 SCDM Subcarrier Decoder Unit for SCRX

Connects to receiver earphone socket and provides decoded audio output to headphones. Size 32mm x 70MM. 9-12V Operation .............ccccccseccescseseseseesesees £22.95

ATR2 Micro Size Telephone Recording Interface

Connects between telephone line (anywhere) and cassette recorder. Switches tape automatically as phone is used. All conversations recorded. Size 16mm x 32mm. POWEIOG FONT TING vnssisnsessincascivscsssscsasasavdnsensbossassanscuadanccbecotetooukdsotteisdeedenienteniseatioter £13.45


individual Transmitter DLTX. Individual Receiver DURX earn

favuurite music palate around t h -operstion 250 ts A

Dept. EE

UTLX Ultra-miniature Telephone Transmitter

Smallest telephone transmitter kit available. Incredible size of 10mm x 20mm! Connects to line (anywhere) and switches on and off with phone use.

All conversation transmitted. Powered from line. 500m rangé..................... £15.95

TLX700 Micro-miniature Telephone Transmitter

Best-selling telephone transmitter. Being 20mm x 20mm it is easier to assemble than UTLX. Connects to line (anywhere) and switches on and off with phone use. All conversations transmitted. Powered from line. 1000m range .................0...cc £13.45

STLX High-performance Telephone Transmitter

High performance transmitter with buffered output stage providing excellent stability and performance. Connects to line (anywhere) and switches on and off with phone use. All conversations transmitted. Powered from line. Size 22mm x 22mm.

LOO FRING assay as csstetnwciosyyasesacsesosanssanantoprsinns ceosadmvata capsnslin shy jonanoahaASodvvaaeesyabannees £16.45

TKX900 Signalling/Tracking Transmitter

Transmits a continous stream of audio pulses with variable tone and rate. Ideal for signalling or tracking purposes. High power output giving range up to 3000m. Size 25MM X GSMM. OV Operation ...............ccccscesccscsscsscscscsscsscessscsscscsscsssscssesceseaveseess £22.95

CD400 Pocket Bug Detector/Locator

LED and piezo bleeper pulse slowly, rate of pulse and pitch of tome increase as you approach signal. Gain control allows pinpointing of source. Size 45mm x 54mm. 9V RINE iaiiiseccceirdecks haiseagastecrevsapaded vclcdannadlseaviaeniasnnensdedeoutempanes £30.95

CD600 Professional Bug Detector/Locator

Multicolour readout of signal strength with variable rate bleeper and variable sensitivity used to detect and locate hidden transmitters. Switch to AUDIO CONFORM mode to distinguish between localised bug transmission and normal legitimate signals such as pagers, Cellular, taxis etc. Size 70mm