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Z V. E. SORAPURE LG M.B.,Cu.B., F.R.C.S.,(Eoin.)




August 22nd.1914

Dear Sir:-

Mr James Kendall having sailed for Europe I have been asked to assume his secretarial work and tell of the progress we have made to the present time. Last Saturday we heard by cable that the War Office was unable to accept our unit at present.

On Monday, Mr.Kendall went to Ottawa and saw Mr. Borden and other Ministers; from them he learned that the Canadian Government had applications for more than twice the number of men needed,so they could not accept our unit.

Dr. Maloney and Mr. Kendall then sailed for England, with the intention of going to the Front in any event,but before doing so,they will endeavor to place our unit and will cable to me as soon as the matter is settled one way or another.

We learned from the Canadian Officials,however,that there is urgent need of dressings for the wounded,so it is sug- gested that we send over $500.00 worth (or even more,if the idea meets with general approval and sufficient support) of absorbent gauze pads,sterilized,compressed and packed in small waterproof wrapping,ready for use on the firing line. |

If you have already subscribed and do not approve this step please let me know and your subscription will not be applied to this purpose,but will,in the event of our final failure to place the unit be returned to you.

If you have not already subscribed,and wish to do so, please say if you approve this plan or if you wish your subscript- ion to be reserved for the single purpose of sending over the unit.

The subscriptions already pledged amount to $1000.00

The following members of the Club have already volun- teered for Service:- Dr. WedJeMaloney and Mr.James Kendall who have sailed.

Dr.Thomas Addis, San Francisco; Dr.Andrew Croll,Saskatoon; Dr.J.Ferris,New York; Dr. Charles N.Cobbett, Edmonton, Alberta; Dr.David K.Henderson, Johns Hopkins; Dr. John Hewatt, North Adams; Mass.; Mr.S.Knight, Barbadoes, B.W.I.

Will you please let me hear from you at your very earliest convenience,

Cordially Yours,


Acting Hon.Sec,


Dr. Vi. &. Sorapure, September Lith, 1914 LOo Central Fark West, New York. Dear Sir’:

IT have just returned from the Ola Country and find Dr. Naloney's telegrar and your letter aealing with the avestion of raising ana the eauvipment of a hospital unit for fiela service by Fainburgh University graduates of North America. ‘T do not need to assure you that ‘I am in heartiest syrpathy with anything that we can do to help the frpire at this time and T am very much pleased that the Fainburgh Univereity Clue tis taking the matter ur.

‘It seers to - however that what ‘is done might te best accomplished through the members of the Club who -hive ‘in the United States, as it way be their chief opportunity of nelping the #rpire in this time of orc In Canada we are so intimately associated with the deneral preparations of Britain that


it would be necessary for us to throw ‘in our contributions, wnich are hikely to be many and varied, with the different relief organisations that have already been arranged for or are likely to be provited in the near future That would ean, thereforel, I should think that the contributions from Edinburgh graduates ‘in Canada woula have to be very small. T shall be

glad to hear from you at your convenience.

Yours sincerely,